Your Guide to a B2B Marketing Plan

B2B Tech Marketing Plan

Businesses are competing at an all-time high in the digital world. With this competition, inbound marketers must focus their efforts on creating a thorough plan to stand out online. Just like in most aspects in life, success in B2B Tech Marketing can be achieved with a strategy.


Usually when it comes to B2B tech firms, it’s all about building lasting relationships and making referral-based sales. This is because the nature of the business focuses on offering marketing services to other businesses using high-value service items which is considered to have a high percentage of referrals and referral-based sales.

In other words, your sales will build on trust and credibility.


Aside from relationship marketing, a lot of opportunities await when B2B tech firms use online marketing to their advantage. There are a lot of different strategies curated for B2B tech firms but one that’s very effective is this 4-step marketing strategy: ATTRACT – CONVERT – CLOSE – DELIGHT. This way you can turn a stranger into a visitor, then a lead, then a customer and then eventually into a promoter.


4-step marketing strategy

1. Attract a.k.a Awareness

The Awareness Phase is when you put your name out there. It looks easy but actually demands a lot of work. It is also considered to be the most important phase in this whole strategy because it’s the foundation of all the following phases. You have to do well here to do better in the next phase.


Attract a.k.a AwarenessPhoto by Pixabay from Pexels


The Awareness Phase is all about getting your brand to reach your target audience to create awareness. This is considered to be the most important phase in the strategy because it is the foundation of the following phases. Attracting strangers to your brand can be done by creating quality content through SEO keywords, targeted content and ads, social media posts, and more.

2. Convert

In the Convert Phase, your website and social media traffic is converted into quality leads. This can be done through engaging content that will help the prospect with a problem that they might be currently facing. It can also be done through paid ads once a visitor clicks on your Call-to-Action (CTA).


For example, if you are a business coach, you could provide a downloadable PDF file containing the basics of starting a business but require lead information prior to their download. This provides you the contact for a potential client and the client receives some valuable information in turn.


Free resources and tools create conversion points which help build a relationship between the company and the client. It’s like giving them a sneak peak of what you can do for them before they actually commit and purchasing. This is an effective way to create long-term results in online marketing.


Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM’s) are commonly used when tracking a high volume of leads. Customers who inquire through a form land in the CRM for a salesperson to contact. This helps with organize and track conversations, tasks, and touch points used with the lead.

3. Close

In the Close Phase, you turn leads into clients. This phase is the longest since this is where most of the conversation and information sharing between the company and lead happens. Workflows are particularly useful here for sending targeted content such as demonstration videos, tips, or case studies, based on their engagement.


close business dealsPhoto by fauxels from Pexels

4. Delight

In the Delight Phase, your lead becomes a client. The intention is to keep the client satisfied so that they spread positive word of mouth (WOM) which helps generate future leads. For clients, you will need to use smart content that is tailored solely for those who have purchased. For example, you would not send a free trial link to a client who is already using your software. Instead, you might send them special offers to upgrade or tips on the latest trends. This will not only strengthen your engagement but also your credibility in the industry.


It’s extremely important that B2B firms have long-time and repeat clients. This could lead to referrals which is great for long-term success. All you have to do is to build that trust and protect it so that you keep your clients happy. When your clients are happy, they will spread the word about your business and you will have the right connections for a brighter future.

Common Mistakes People Make in Digital Marketing

  • Ineffectively distributing effort to the 4 phases. Sometimes you put more effort in one phase and lesser effort in the other. It is recommended that 80% should go to Awareness, 10% should go to Conversion, and 5% each for the Close and Delight Phase. As we have established, awareness is vital to achieve your business goals so it’s only right to put more effort into that. Remember that the first phase is the foundation of everything else.
  • Putting a potential client in the wrong phase. When someone inquires and asks for a quote after dropping by your website, it means they’re interested. That’s good, but it doesn’t mean they are qualified to be in the Close phase. They have yet to be more aware of your service first.
  • Taking SEO for granted. SEO is perfect for the awareness phase and since we have established to put most of your efforts in the first phase in this strategy, Search Engine Optimization is the way to go. This would mean hiring an expert and/or to creating blog content to utilize helpful keywords. Invest in this and you will appear in top results in the search engine and your website will have a higher rank.
  • Posting content without a goal. Every post should be relevant. It should be engaging so the audience can connect with you. It should be informative so the people will know you and your business. It should be persuasive so they will buy from you. In short, create content that informs, entertains, inspires and persuades.

engage audience and increase brand awarenessPhoto by Serpstat from Pexels

Tactics Using Online Assets

Now that we’ve established a strategy. Let’s dive into the details and talk about tactics and your online marketing assets.

Be simple.

Your website should be client-oriented. Think of it this way, the website is like the sales person. This means that it should be easy to understand and to navigate through. Furthermore, your site should be about the client finding the solution to their problem. This brings us to our next point.

Focus on solutions.

Be straightforward; avoid beating around the bush or else your clients won’t stay. Service and solution pages are much more effective with funnels to drive both awareness and conversion. This way you get site traffic and you can convert them into leads. You may incorporate SEO into this as well, especially for location-based solution pages.

Value Case Studies and Blogs.

This is where you can talk about yourself, but keep in mind to continue being client-oriented. Case studies give you the chance to prove that your business works. You could also create testimonials wherein people can talk about their experience with you and highlight how you helped them.


On the other hand, blogs help you grow your site content for SEO purposes. As mentioned earlier, this is helpful in getting your rank up. Google loves websites that produce content and this is also your chance to develop a keyword strategy.


Marketing is a long-term victory, not an overnight win. Just like in life, there are no shortcuts to success. You have to work on it every day. There will be days you win, and days when you have to struggle but the key is to keep going. Focus on the end goal. While you’re still on your way to the top, continue to create the right materials and execute the strategies and activities well to keep your company growing.

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