Why Should Your Design Process Start With Content

Content First

Nowadays, having a website that attracts users is known to be an integral part of each project or business. With the right design and presentation, you are sure to become more influential than a million similar sites. However, creating a web page may be complicated because boring text and pictures no longer appeal to users. So how to make the first move to the website of your dreams? Pay attention to content-first design.

Content-first design is an effective method of creating high quality sites.

When it comes to creating a website, it may be tempting to jump right into the design phase, but it is better to start with making up marketing articles. If you take the time to plan your site’s content before beginning the design process, you’ll have an idea about the result and desirable site view.

Therefore, your design will be more effective and responsive to users’ needs because nothing is missed. Custom web design services should pay attention to List Apart founder Jeff Zeldman’s tweet: “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content isn’t a design. It’s decoration.

Interaction of content and design

Users first look for a quality product that harmonizes with the design. Only a well-designed website is less likely to be successful. Content also provides information about the general availability of the product. It should be easy to read, understand and navigate.

An engaging and informative site must be designed so that users can easily find what they are looking for. Products with well-organized and effective content are easier to use.

Improving concordance of all page elements

With the content-based design, you know exactly what your site will look like before the plan is even approved. You know that it will look like a complete picture.

Creators understand that the content is appropriate for each page and will be attractive in the general overview. If we don’t develop the content first, we usually have to approve the design before seeing the result. It leads to a webpage, where the information is confusing and doesn’t give a sense of reality.

Design results from content

Content also sets the tone for a website. It helps define the site’s overall mood, style and tone. The main goal of text is to convey the site’s message and visually support it. Content can also help guide design decisions such as font, color palette, and layout choices.

Depending on the topic of information, decisions are made about creating a user-friendly site. Also, for a better perception of what is written, you should select unique design methods to highlight or emphasize information.

In conclusion, content is the starting point of the design process, which should also be optimized for search engines so that users can easily find the information. The results in the search engine are shown according to keywords that are of interest to users.

If content is written correctly, you will have a higher probability of interaction with users. The design will complete a positive impression of the site because a text influences further design decisions.

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