What Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business

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What Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business

It’s no longer a question that social media for business is a necessary marketing tool for those who want to remain relevant in today’s busy world. Studies have shown that people are spending significant amounts of time on their phones, and the majority of that time is being spent on social media sites. These platforms can bridge the gap between you and your customers in terms of delivering information, generating conversation, building relationships, and overall boosting sales, all while costing you 0 dollars.

Starting off and then building followers on social media can be a difficult task in itself, and something as seemingly simple as choosing the right social media platform can be more complicated than one might think. There are hundreds, if not thousands of social platforms for you to choose from. The good news is that we at Still Up Marketing are here to help you begin the process of narrowing down your search.

You’ll need to understand what each platform has to offer, which platform your target market is already using, and give you the exposure needed to help you meet your marketing goals. With all this in mind, let’s get started.

What social media platform is best for you?

This can be a tricky question because there is no single answer. The best social media platform for your business can and will vary depending on the product/service you provide as well as the target audience you want to reach.

social media target audienceTarget your social media audience.

Like each business, each social media platform is specialized for different groups of people, functions, and content. Ask yourself these three questions before you select a social media platform:

  1. Do you sell B2B, B2C or both?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What are your overall goals?

Once you answer these three questions, you can begin to define your wants and needs and match them to what these platforms have to offer. For this reason, we’re going to touch base on some of the top social media sites for business and ultimately decide which platform will be the best and most profitable for you.

Top 4 social media sites for Your business

1. Facebook

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but with 2.7 billion daily active users, Facebook is the most widely used social networking platform. With its wide user base, Facebook covers almost all, if not all, demographics. It is one of the best platforms to get your message out to consumers; almost any business can find its target audience on Facebook. Whether your goal is to increase website traffic, brand awareness, lead generation, or increasing conversions, Facebook will likely make a notable difference in reaching your goals. Facebook also makes it easy to build target audiences for paid ad placements based on people who engage with your organic content.

Facebook is mainly a platform that revolves around conversations. However, if a customer likes your business’s Facebook page, they more than likely want to receive updates on what is going on within your business. Information like promotions, future sales, new products, or upcoming events are good to share. It’s important that you’re connecting with your customers who follow you and provide them with content that will grab their attention and keep your brand top of mind.

Try sharing some different content types and seeing what resonates best with your audience. Impressions such as likes, engagements such as comments, and shares are good indicators that your content is resonating with your customers. Once you’ve determined what types of content and updates your audience responds to, keep sharing in that way.

2. LinkedIn

One of our personal favorites here at Still Up Marketing is LinkedIn. With 760 million active users, LinkedIn is perfect for businesses who segment their target audience groups based on job titles or sell primarily B2B.

Generally, LinkedIn is thought of as a social media platform that revolves around business. Users often include more accurate information about their job positions, employers, and other important work information. With all this information being readable available, it makes it easier for businesses like yours to really narrow in on a target audience.

LinkedIn is a place for people to connect and network with other business professionals. If a user is following your business, they more than likely care about the information and insights you bring to the table and other business-related updates. Your posts should be resourceful for consumers to find ways to better themselves in your area of expertise or hear about updates on products. You’ll want to share content that reflects the best aspects of your business, achievements users can learn from, and insights users find helpful. LinkedIn is also great for video. If you have the means to create an interesting or informational video, you’ll start to see your engagement rates climb in no time!

3. Instagram

The visual platform with 500 million daily users, Instagram is the go-to platform for businesses who sell primarily to consumers or want to increase overall customer engagement. Instagram offers a few different posting formats, including permanent posts and short-lived videos called “stories”. With these options, your business has the flexibility to create relevant visual content that will keep your business top of mind to customers. This visual content also works in your favor since consumers remember 80% of what they see instead of what they hear or read!

Your business’s posts on Instagram should be photos or short videos of content that embodies your overall brand. This includes your brand personality and values, its story, the expertise, products/services you have to offer as well as promotional material. A lot of this can be done in the captions of your content or with the help of an infographic.

Short-lived videos or what Instagram calls “Stories” are a more casual and conversational way to connect with your customers. Stories are live on Instagram for 24 hours and can be done in a wide variety of styles. If you are looking to drive up engagement or want some feedback for a product or campaign, you can use the poll feature within stories to better understand what your customers have to say about your business. Additionally, you can take it even a step even further and ask an open-ended question for your followers to answer. There are tons of different features and effects that you can play around with on stories, and the majority of them are fun ways to boost your overall customer engagement.

4. Twitter

Twitter is a massive network of individuals and brands interacting with each other in a very fast-paced environment. With over 500 million tweets sent daily, Twitter is a hub for news, trends, memes, and political rants all in 280 characters or less. One thing that Twitter is extremely convenient for is customer service. Whenever a consumer has an issue with a product/service, one simple tweet can connect a customer with the company and most of the time, that issue will get addressed. If your business puts a high emphasis on customer service, Twitter is the platform for you.

Most businesses tweet a wide array of content like sales promotions, contests, data insights, funny thoughts related to their industry, and new releases. With 5,787 tweets being posted every second, it’s easy to get lost in the Twitter crowd. Posting multiple times per day gives you the best opportunity for your tweets to be seen by your followers and give them a better chance to engage with your business. A good thing to remember when Twitting is to keep it light. You can be more playful on Twitter when it comes to content than other more business-focused platforms like LinkedIn. This is your time to shine and show off your funny or creative side, as long as it is related to your business/industry and helps you reach your business goals, Tweet away!

Final Thoughts on choosing the right Social Media platform(s) for your business.

choosing the right social media platform

With all this information, you should be well on your way to building your business’s social media presence. Understanding which social media platforms is best for your business will drive up customer engagement, generate more meaningful conversations, increase sales, and most of all, help you get further down the path to reach your business goals.

These platforms can be extremely useful tools for any marketer who wants to keep their business relevant in today’s busy business world. Social media platforms will help you generate more traffic to your business website, find new leads, build brand awareness, know your audience better, gain useful insight into the shopping habits of your best customers, and even improve your customer service.

We at Still Up Marketing recommend that you narrow your choice of platforms down to 1 or 2 to start. As your business and followers grow, so will your investment in social media. From there, you can begin to plan your social media expansion. The trick to choosing the right social media platform/platforms is about reflecting on your own business goals and how you can achieve them through social media marketing, figuring out what platforms your target audience is already using, and choosing a platform that matches the type of content you create.

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