What makes a good logo design?

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There are several factors graphic designers need to consider when designing a brand logo. A good logo design is one that builds value over time. Once a logo becomes familiar, the brain registers it as a single visual entity allowing it to stand on its own. We all understand that an effective logo design is essential to digital marketing as customers recognize a company by its logo.

Key steps to a good logo design:

Below is the list of the top 5 steps to keep in mind when designing a great logo.

Keep it Simple

A common mistake made by companies is trying to show what the company does within the logo design. This approach produces the opposite effect and creates confusion because of the visual noise created in the complex design.

When it comes to designing a brand logo, simplicity is key. A high quality logo design is one that acts as a distinct identification. Think about brands such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, Apple, etc.; they each have simple logo designs that are distinct and easy to remember.

Louis Vuitton LogoLogo example: Louis Vuitton. Photo by Unsplash

Make it Memorable

A unique logo is easy to remember. The design of your brand logo should be effective enough that your target customers will remember it. A customer may forget the brand name or product, but they often remember the logo. Therefore, it is key to focus on a design with a distinct silhouette that customers can easily recognize and remember.

Being Timeless is key

A good brand logo design is one that is timeless and adaptable to changes in tools or technologies. The logo of a company is its representation that you cannot change with time. That is why it is essential to assure.

  • The logo should be able to stand the test of time.
  • Do not follow trends while designing logos because trends change with time.
  • Instead of following the pack, be yourself, and create a logo that people will recognize forever.

Nike LogoLogo example: Nike. Photo by Unsplash


An effective logo designing is always versatile. The logo should have the ability to be used in a variety of applications and media. Designing a logo in a vector format allows the logo design to be scaled without loss of quality. In the design process, often consider where the logo will be most effective.

For example:

  • If there is one color print
  • If the logo will be used on a postage stamp or something as large as the siding of a building

Start by designing the logo in black and white, and then color can be added afterward.

Apple LogoLogo example: Apple. Photo by Unsplash

Appropriate and relevant

A positive logo design should always be appropriate, not in the expression but the feeling. For example, if a company manufactures children’s products, then perhaps using a rounded, colorful fun font would make it appropriate for that targeted audience. The choice of font is never less than meaningful, and the characters carry weight, which can evoke emotion, places, personality, etc.

Final thoughts about a good logo design

Logo design unites verbal and visual concepts. Keep in mind that a great logo is used for identification and not communication. The art is in the crystallization of a visual idea.

Make sure to test your company logo before officially launching it because it will allow you to assure that you represent your brand with an effective identity.

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