What makes a good designer-client relationship?

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What makes a good designer-client relationship?

A designer and client relationship are an important factor for creating a good design. Not only do you need to be a skilled designer to make a design, but you must also involve the client’s input at each step to ensure you are meeting their requirements.

The designer-client relationship forms the base of any design. If you are working with a designer for the first time, the main question you should ask yourself is, ‘What makes a good designer?’ Before moving on to the importance of a client and designer relationship, let us discuss the main attributes of a great designer.

What makes a good designer?

To help identify a good designer, they should meet some of the following key elements:

  • Skills in Adobe programs like Photoshop, InDesign, Etc.
  • Experience working on different design types. (e.g., Brochures, Logos, Websites)
  • Has a large design portfolio that showcases their creativity.
  • Can easily understand design requirements and provide input when necessary.

These are some of the main elements to identify when seeking a designer. Now, let us dive into the essentials of a good designer and client relationship.

The essentials of a good client-designer relationship

The following things combine to make a good designer client relationship.

Good communication

This is crucial for the job as designers must create based on what the client has described. If the graphic designer working with clients requires more information or clarification, they should reach out immediately before they are in too deep in the wrong direction.

If the designer is not communicating with the client, they will:

  • Fail to understand the actual requirements.
  • Not understand client expectations.
  • Waste your time and energy on things that are not relevant.
  • Not build trust.

These are some of the important things needed to create a good custom design.

Sometimes a client is not aware of the technical aspects involved when designing, such as the client requesting something that is not possible with a certain tool or design you are working on. In this situation, if the designer is not updating the client about the issues, they could become upset when the output is generated.

It is really important to have a good discussion with the client to make a design that matches their vision.

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Give suggestions

The designer and client’s discussion is very important when the order is placed because the client will share some general information considering the design they need. If the designer has any ideas or suggestions, they should make sure that the idea is shared with the client before veering off course.

While working on the project, it is important to build a strong rapport with the client so that they will want to involve the designer on more projects in the future. If the designer has new ideas while working on a project, they should share them with the client to know whether they would use their design suggestions.

Respect the client’s opinion

In a positive designer-client relationship, the designer always accommodates the customer’s opinion above their own.

  • An excellent designer will discuss new ideas with the client and ask for their input.
  • Designers make sure to follow all the client’s instructions and include them in the project to ensure that they are satisfied.
  • A good designer will never tell the client directly that they disagree with their idea. Instead, the designer will offer a better idea and ask the client their preference.

Share regular updates

On each step of the project, the designer should share and discuss progress with the client often. It will be easier for the designer to make regular changes in the project, avoiding any serious issues or major revisions last minute by regularly communicating. No doubt, sharing updates will take more time, but in the end, it will result in a more efficient design process.

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Make revisions for client satisfaction

A great designer will revise the delivered work if the client requests changes. When making revisions, communication plays an important role. Communicating with the client ensures that no mistakes are made in the future and that they are satisfied with the delivered work. The designer should avoid deviating from the client’s requests during the design process, or you could face many revisions later on. If there are any issues during the design process, the client should be made aware so that it can be managed promptly.

Create original work

Some designers are found to copy work from other sources, claiming it as their own, which is highly unethical. If the designs are copied from someone else’s work, the client could be facing the negative consequences, affecting your relationship and business.

If the designer is not providing quality, original work, the client could be punished for copywriting issues, affecting the client-designer relationship.

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Deliver what was promised

Sometimes designers have communicated well with the client, but the delivered design is not according to the discussed plan. This is a very common issue many clients complain about.  They do not get what they are promised.

To avoid this issue, the designer should revisit the communication logs before finalizing the designs to ensure it follows their intended path.

Final thoughts

This complete guide to a good designer and client relationship should help facilitate a clearer design path and better communication throughout the design process. By doing so, it would solidify the good client-designer relationship and increase the likelihood that the client would seek more projects with that designer in the future.

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