Top 10 Digital Marketing Tricks from the Experts to Try

digital marketing tricks

In this day and age, digital marketing has become one of the most effective ways for businesses to promote their products or services. As the eCommerce industry grows and social media users increase to billions, companies and startups are shifting their focus towards digital mediums. According to a report by eMarketer, digital ad spending is expected to rise by 36 percent between 2020 and 2022. With email, content and social media marketing channels, it has become quite easy for businesses to reach out to their target audience.

However, given the tough competition, you might find it slightly challenging to figure out what works best. To make this easier, here are the top digital marketing tricks from experts that you can try.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tricks

1. Create A Scalable Logo

If you think about it, having a versatile brand design is very important to the success of a digital marketing strategy. It can help you create recognition and boost awareness across different mediums such as social media networks, website and email. A scalable and unique logo is able to adapt to various mobile screen sizes and resolutions easily.

In digital formats like a Facebook header or Instagram post, it can be slightly tricky to add the icon without disrupting the design. To prevent any issues later on, it’s a good idea to collaborate with a professional and get an iconic brand symbol that draws attention on any digital or print medium.

2. Publish Valuable Content Regularly

This is quite simple but requires a lot of planning and good time management skills. It’s crucial to publish articles and guest posts regularly so you can generate higher traffic to your website. This can also help create a lasting impression on the audience. Since it’s difficult to publish new content every day, you should have a content calendar.

By doing so, you will be able to update the blog regularly and offer valuable solutions to the consumers. HubSpot reports that it’s essential for small businesses or startup to publish two to four blogs on a weekly basis for a high return on investment.

3. Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Leverage social media platforms to connect with the consumers in a short time. This can help you get the desired results with your digital marketing strategy. Partner up with influencers, announce giveaways and promote user-generated content to increase followers and establish a strong presence on social media networks like Instagram and Tiktok.

4. Add Videos

With time, more and more people are watching video content. You can successfully engage people with explainer videos, tutorials or short animations that tell the brand story. Incorporate such content on your website and post on other channels as well. It’s also a good idea to create a Youtube channel and promote it to attract a wider consumer base.

5. Optimize Website for Mobile

In this day and age, billions of consumers are shopping or browsing for products and services on their mobiles. Its why, you should focus on creating a responsive website that’s easily accessible on smaller screens. Make sure that the layout and graphic elements are easily displayed on smartphones and laptops so consumers can find what they are looking for in a short time.

6. Find The Right Tool

Focus on using the right channels and tools to reach out to your target audience. Before anything else, look for where they are located and create a suitable strategy to attract potential customers. For example, if you are running a wellness program or business, then most of your demographic consumers will be found on social media platforms. With tools such as Hootsuite, you might find it easier to engage people on multiple channels.

7. Build An Email List

Email marketing can bring in a high return on your investment. It’s a good idea to reach out to existing customers via emails and send newsletters regularly as well. To build a list, you can consider sign-up forms, pop-ups or incorporate gamification features within your website. Encourage people to enter their details by offering special discounts or a free trial.

8. Follow the Analytics

It has become easier to track the performance of a campaign and strategize with tools like Google Analytics. For an ecommerce platform, you can follow which product page is attracting the highest traffic or which CTA (call-to-action) generates the best results. It’s important to utilize such tools for your digital marketing strategy and make improvements in real-time.

9. Create Infographics

Most people are likely to remember appealing visuals than text. With infographics, you can grab the attention of a potential customer instantly on your website or social media account. Highlight content or statistics that are relevant to your business and can help create brand awareness. It’s easier to share infographics on various web pages and other digital mediums.

10. Set clear goals or objectives

To make your digital marketing strategy work, you need to focus on setting clear goals or objects. Figure out what you want to achieve in a given time and then create a plan accordingly. For examples, if you want to increase sales by 10 to 15 percent in six months, it’s important to begin with a well-designed and interactive website that keeps visitors on the page for a longer time.

To Sum Up

These are the top 10 marketing tricks from experts that you should try right now! By applying a few of them, you can convert more leads and create a recognizable brand. Digital marketing has made it easier for small business and startups to compete with big corporations and build a loyal customer base too. With an effective strategy, you can get a high return on your investment and save money on traditional marketing methods too.

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