The 7 Must Do Will Change Your Web Design

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If you think about it, there are a lot of people looking through websites to buy products or book a service at any time. Good web design can have a positive impact on visitors and help businesses convert more leads too. According to a report, it takes only 50 milliseconds for a viewer to form a judgment about a website. If the web design is interactive and attractive, it’s easier to grab the attention of visitors and keep them on the page for longer. This is where you need to focus on creating a website that has all the elements that might convince people to explore or even make a purchase.


It’s a good idea to include appealing visuals and simplify the navigation so people can easily find what they are looking for. Your website can give people an insight into the business or brand and help establish credibility as well. It’s one of the most important factors in branding and marketing too. With good web design, you can boost awareness and generate higher sales in a short time.


If you are looking to create an eCommerce platform or business page, here are a few things you must immediately do about your web design.


1. Create A Plan or Visual Hierarchy

It is one of the first things that you should pay attention to when designing a website. Brainstorm ideas for the content, visuals, and structure so you can send out the right message from the first look. Think about what people might perceive or understand about the business by interacting with the design elements. This can make it easier for you to include features that engage visitors instantly and highlight the industry and brand values.


Establish a visual hierarchy that simplifies the layout and structure of the page. It will allow people to focus on important elements and find relevant information quickly. Pay attention to where the logo design, navigation bar or menu, and images will be placed. This way, visitors could get an insight into the brand immediately and make a purchasing decision too. Most people will likely notice the brand symbol before anything else.


It’s a good idea to place it in the top left or center of the navigation bar. If you are yet to create one for the website, you can always check out DIY tools or platforms. This way it’s a lot easier to find inspiration for a logo designer and check out hundreds of templates for each industry or niche.


2. Increase Loading Speed

Most people can leave websites that are slow or lag on their devices. Optimizing the loading speed is another thing that you should do immediately about your web design. Remove any clutter from the home page and keep the important details. Large images and videos can also impact the speed and disrupt the website. If it takes longer than a few seconds to load, you might have a high bounce rate.


So, compress the files before you add them to the web page and keep the layout minimalist. This can help you create a responsive website that loads quickly.


3. Add Urgent Calls-to-Action

This is how you can convince people to subscribe or sign up before leaving the website. Create urgent CTAs with phrases such as ‘find it here’ or ‘start free trial’ to encourage more visitors to check out what you have to offer. Make sure that the calls-to-action stand out against the slider image or header and draw attention immediately.


Use bold or appealing colors such as blue, green, yellow or red to get people excited for a new offer or subscription. You can also highlight the urgent CTAs with your brand colors to create familiarity with the audience.


4. Use Original Images

You may have seen a few websites that use stock images to grab the attention of visitors. While this can work well for some pages, it’s a good idea to use unique and original images of products. You can also hire a professional photographer to take pictures and include them on the website. For the home page, include a large header image or sliders that showcase your expertise.


This keeps the website clutter-free and easy to navigate. For the product catalog or landing pages, you can add multiple original images that make it easier for people to get a closer look.


5. Include a Video on Home Page

Today, many people are more likely to watch video content than look through chunks of text. It’s a good idea to add a short video that gives an insight into the brand or business and tells a story as well. You can also include animation or tutorials for a bestselling product. Make sure that the video is featured on the home page and convinces people to explore the website for more information.


You can also incorporate a video towards the end of the page that shows people talking about their experiences with a product or service.


6. Update Content

It’s important to update the content regularly and include the latest details about deals, production methods or pricing. If there is a blog, you should keep adding recent posts or articles about industry insights or tips and tricks. You can also feature how-to articles that tell people how a product or service might work.


Make sure that the content on the home page and landing pages is valuable and informative. This can also improve the ranking of the website in search engine results.


7. Test and Improve

Keep testing the website before launching it and find out what works best. You can make improvements to different sections or elements according to the feedback or results. This can also help you track how most visitors navigate the website.


Final Thoughts

These are a few things that you must do immediately about your web design. If you are looking to launch one for your business or working with a client, it’s a good idea to focus on the important factors mentioned above.


Image source: Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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