Technical SEO Checklist

Technical SEO is one of the most major aspects of SEO. You may have a good website design, but if your site has too many technical search engine optimization issues, you’ll struggle to establish your search results ranking in Google and other search engines. Any number of technical SEO issues can reduce your website’s ranking or worse, not ranking at all. As a result, it’s crucial to fix these issues and optimize your website for SEO.

Below is a proven checklist with an infographic to eliminate serious problems with your website as well as boosting your website’s ranking.


Technical SEO Checklist

1. E-A-T
2. URL Structure
3. Title Tags
4. Structured Data / Rich Snippets
5. Heading Tags
6. Internal Linking
7. Site Speed & AMP
8. External Linking
9. Meta Description
10. SEO ‘User Intent’ Content
11. Image Optimization

Technical SEO Checklist to Boosts Website Ranking
Technical SEO Checklist to Boosts Website's Ranking