New Year, New Website – Time for a website redesign? 2022

New Year, New Website 2021

It is a new year, and everyone is talking about fresh starts and self-improvement for the 2022 new year’s resolution. Whether it be reading more, going to the gym, or eating healthier, all these goals are ultimately focused on self-improvement. But what about resolutions for improving your business such as a new year, new website? User-friendly and well-designed websites drive up traffic and keep visitors engaged. But your website may be hurting your business if it is not living up to expectations. When is the last time you redesigned your website?

More often than not, websites get left on the back burner when it comes to improving your business. But in reality, your website is the heartbeat of your online presence. Your business’s website must be kept up-to-date and continually improving. The internet is constantly changing, and what was once a perfectly good website may not perform as well as it once did. For that reason, it may be time to take a look at your website and see if it is in need of a redesign.

Loading times

One of the biggest signs that your website needs a redesign is when your site is slow to load. Increasing your website page loading as a new year’s resolution website is a great approach. With the amount of competition that exists, people do not have to wait around for slow websites anymore. In fact, in a study done by Nielsen Norman, 1 second is the limit of time users can tolerate when it comes to loading times; anything over 2 seconds will resolute in users leaving the page. Load speed is a critical factor in how Google ranks its pages. If you’re slow, you’re going to rank lower in search engine results.

With the help of Google’s PageSpeed Insights test, you can see how your website performs and get the insight needed to know if it is time for a website redesign.

Your look

The overall look of your website matters! If your website looks old and unorganized, it will be the first and last time a customer visits your site. A good starting point to see if your new year website is looking up to date is to research competitors and see what they are doing in terms of design. This doesn’t mean you should go and copy what a competitor is doing, your new year website design needs to be unique to your brand, but it should show you if you’re keeping up with the current trends in your industry.

With the proper use of negative space, a pleasant colour scheme, and high-quality imagery, the look of your website will drastically improve. Check out our blog on Effective Website Design for your business to gain a better understanding of using photos, colours, and negative space for your website.

Is your site mobile-friendly?

New Year New Website - Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website will be a major influence in your decision to redesign your website now or later. Google has changed its search index to be “mobile-first,” meaning that they rank the page’s mobile version higher than the desktop version.

Think of it this way, when was the last time you have gone to the second or third page of a Google? Being on the first page of Google is a game-changer because it will bring in more visitors to your website and bring in more sales.

Additionally, in a study done by the Office for National Statistics, 78% of internet browsing is done through mobile phones. This means, on average, 8 out of 10 consumers that come to your website will be doing so on their phone. For this reason, it is essential that your website be completely mobile-compatible. If your business’s website is not compatible with mobile devices, that should be a clear-cut sign that it is time for a website redesign.

Your website is a maze

New Year New Website is a maze

A customer will decide within the first few seconds of going onto your website whether they are going to stay or leave. Your new year web design needs to be all about user experience and how easy it is for a consumer to navigate your website. This means that your site needs be easy to move around with clear call-to-actions that are eye-catching and meaningful. When creating call-to-actions for your website, make sure to use colors that grab the consumers’ attention as well as text that is simple and to the point.

If users cannot find what they are looking for or the process to convert requires multiple steps, they are likely to leave and move on to another competitor. Users should be able to find what they are looking for within the first few clicks without requiring any outside help. If your website has high traffic, but conversions are low and decreasing over time, it may be time to go back to the drawing board and clean up your website’s design.

Is your website contributing to business?

Above all else, is your website contributing to your business? Your website has the potential to be your most powerful digital marketing asset, capable of increasing your brand’s awareness and building your base of customers. If you are not generating conversions, leads, or sales from your website, it is either due to low traffic from search engines or visitors aren’t converting once they’re on your site. Either one is a good indicator that your current website is not working for you.


Content is one of the most vital elements of any website. A stagnant website that does not update its content rarely gets any conversions, leads, or sales. Filling your new year’s web page with new relevant content and updates shows potential customers that your business is on the ball and ready to do business. Remember content is king, so having a website designed to add new content easily is essential if you want your website to be a success in 2021.

Your website design should always reflect your current business goals and current market positioning. As a business evolves, so do its goals. These goals should be the main focus when designing or redesigning your website. Have you added a new product /service? Did you discover an additional persona for your target audience? Questions like these may lead you down the road to consider a website redesign. Take a good look at your current goals, and make sure your website moves you in the right direction to meet those goals.

If your business has changed, so should the content on your website. People visit your website to learn about your business and see what products/services you provide, and if the content on your website is outdated or does not reflect your current business, you are going to cause your visitors confusion and make them go to a competitor. When changing your business’s operations or going through a rebrand, a redesign will be essential to ensure that any new or updated products/services are available and better reflect your business.

Social Media

Social media is not going anywhere anytime soon. No matter your industry, your competitors are on social media, and your potential customers.

Using social media gives you the platform to create useful and engaging content for your target audience to connect with one another as well as build a community that customers will get behind. The engagement you receive from sharing your own content can help boost conversations with customers and generate more leads.

Are you integrating your business’s social media into your website? Placing social media icons on each page of your website encourages visitors to check out and even follow your social media profiles. You can take it even a step further and include an embedded feed of your social media posts that are directly linked to your website, creating an even stronger link between your site and your social pages. If you have not started integrating your social media with your website, it may be an indication that your website needs a redesign.

Take Advantage of the New Year

Creating an effective and compelling website is a concrete way to take your business to the next level. Without an appealing and functioning website, you will lose out on potential customers and clients. While cleaning up parts of your website can give you a boost, working with a trusted web design agency that can work with you to build a website that better represents your brand, provides an incredible user experience, and optimizes your search engines results can transform how you do business and put you on a clearer path to success.

With the new year almost upon us, it is a great time to start thinking about your business and its website design. If it has been a few years since your site has seen an update, you could be missing out on valuable conversions that could be helping grow your business. By making some basic design changes to your site, you will gain peace of mind in knowing that your site will be a top contender for user-friendliness and search engine visibility! Ready to give your website a boost in 2022? Contact us at Still Up today!

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