Brand Building 101: How to Build a Brand

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Brand Building 101: How to Build a Brand

A company’s brand can be one of its most valuable assets if done correctly. A brand isn’t just a logo and some colors; it’s the feeling people get when they see your logo or hear something associated with your business. Building a brand that stands out from the rest and stays top of mind is no easy task but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Whether you’ve got nothing more than an idea for a business or want a change of scenery from your existing brand, here’s what you need to know when building your brand identity.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity can be easily summed up as your business’s reputation. Its not what you think about your business, it’s what people tell each other about your business when you’re not around. In many ways brand identity is a combination of different things, such as your company’s values, the forms of communication you use to reach your audience, the products and or services you offer, the colors you use, your logo, and much more. Every single aspect of your business that the customer sees contributes to your brand identity.

Why is Brand Identity Important?

Your brand is the face of your business. Without a brand, your business doesn’t stand a chance of standing out in a crowded marketplace. Companies like yours need a brand to set them apart from their competitors.

Branding builds credibility and, more importantly, trust with consumers. Having a brand that people know and trust will create a stronger relationship, ultimately creating more repeat customers.

Branding builds credibility and trust

How to build a brand in 6 steps

1. Find what your brand’s purpose is

First and foremost, when building a brand from scratch, you need to find the purpose behind your company. Why are you in business? Yes, we know you want to make a profit but when building a brand, you gotta go beyond just turning a profit. What’s the “why” in your company’s mission statement. What makes you different from everyone else. Your purpose will set the foundation for defining your brand, it sets the standard to how your team operates, and this will become what consumers expect when they buy from your business.

2. Pinpoint your target audience

Who are the people that are buying you products or services? Identifying your target audience is a critical part to any brand. Your business won’t be for everyone, so don’t try to make it appeal to everyone. Remember branding is a component of marketing. You wouldn’t run an advertisement or commercial without a target audience, same goes for your brand. By aligning your brand with a specific target market, it gives you better chance of reaching consumers who want to buy your goods or services.

You can identify your target audience based off a number of different things, some being: location, age, gender, income level, education, motivations, goals, and so on. The more you know about your target audience, the better you can position your brand to fit their needs and wants.

3. Researching your competitors

Building your brand’s identity is all about being different. How are you going to make your brand visible, unique, and relevant? But without a genuine understanding of your competition and their brands, it’s easy to blend in. How do your competitors present themselves in terms of visuals, trends, themes, and brand personality? Knowing what your competitors are doing gives you the opportunity to differentiate your brand from the rest.

build brand by researching competitors

4. Tell your brand story

Everyone has a story. Your brand is no different. Why do you get up in the morning? Whatever your “why” is, you’ll want to create a clear mission statement defining your company’s passion. Everything from your logo to your slogan should reflect on your mission statement. This passion will be your company’s story, which will ultimately define the purpose of your business’s existence.

5. Let your personality shine

Consumers are not looking for another ordinary, boring brand. They are looking for an experience tailored to their own personal wants and needs, backed by some genuine personal interaction. One of the best ways to stand out from a crowd and make your brand unique is with the use of brand personality. You can do this by being funny or quirky in the way you deliver your messages. You could use a play on words or even share some behind the scenes content. The options are endless but whatever it may be, your brand personality should be aimed to bring a positive emotional response from your target customer segment.

6. Design your brands visuals

Now it’s time to put a face to the name. How are people going to identify for business? A simple logo and a boring color palette aren’t going to get you very far in making your brand identity stand out. When designing your brand’s identity, you need to create a comprehensive visual that speaks to your consumers. This brand image will be applied to everything in your business; from your packaging to your website, it’s going to become your identity. This visual image of your brand will carry significant weight in how consumers perceive your brand.

Final Thoughts

Building a brand isn’t going to happen overnight, but it will certainly be worth it after it’s all said and done. Your brand will give you the ability to increase your prices by establishing trust and relationships with your customers, which in return will keep consumers coming back. Your company’s brand is the face of your business, that’s why you need to take the right steps in building it into something your proud of. So, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and be different.

Have fun and be creative. Your brand is going to stick with you for as long as you’d like, and when it’s time that you feel like your brand is outdated or old, don’t panic, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and start the process of re-branding. No matter where you are in your business’s journey having a strong brand will be one of your most valuable assets.

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