How To Avoid The Common Pitfalls in Web Development

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How To Avoid The Common Pitfalls in Web Development

It seems like getting a website that is perfect and alluring is a thing of the past now. Most websites now are just way more dramatic than they should ever do. It’s a common saying, having a shoddy website is like pushing money out of the front door. Many small business owners usually design their websites themselves just to save a few bucks on the overall cost. But these small savings can turn out to be a disaster in terms of websites.

Like any other form of art, web designing is also a form of art that demands following specific rules so that you can turn that piece of art into a masterpiece. People often don’t follow these rules properly and then make a dull website that is not an art but instead becomes a mishappening.

7 Common Mistakes Web Developers Make

Let’s talk about some common mistakes which every web developer makes once through his life,

1- Too much content together

There is a myth in the outside world that the more you write, the better will you succeed. This myth proves false in terms of web designing. You cannot write almost everything and anything on the Web. The Web is a place where people want to read less but want to gain more knowledge. Therefore, if you are just going to put in that crammed content, that will not bring any success to you or your brand.

2- Don’t post content that is just worth a minute read

Some Website owners post too little information, such that the reader is not able to even guess out what the owner of the blog was trying to say. It happens most of the time when you are just writing for that particular word limit. A writer who is just writing to fill in space for the number of words is not even a legit writer, just like his website and post.

3- Too much-confused article

In between too much and too little lies the dreaded “Too confusing website.” This happens when you post too many images, videos, or graffitis without even having proper knowledge of the topic the web developer is writing upon. This can occur when you have a happy choice and want to use every other template available out there. When designing a website, make sure you only choose one idea, one logo, and only one topic to write upon.

4- Missing your target

Owners of small businesses know their audience very well. They know which audience to please and what are the needs of major customers. You have to do the same while designing or writing content on your website. Some website owners fail to target a particular set of audiences and are fuddled about what audience to target the content upon and how to do that efficiently. Always try to identify your audience first and then try to cater to their needs.

5- No contact information

After writing the content, one thing you don’t want to miss is giving your contact information on the blog, not the personal contact information but the professional contact information. Strangely some writers forget to give away their contact information after completing their web article. The contact information should be readily available when any visitor thinks of ordering some product from your brand. If a visitor is searching for your contact information for quite a while, they will eventually get frustrated and leave the website. There should always be a page for posting your contact information.

6- Advertisements at the wrong places

Advertisements have been emerging as a necessary part of web development or Blogging, where it is seen as the primary source of income over other income methods. Bloggers and website owners should make sure that the advertisement they are going to put on their blog does not annoy you even in the slightest form. If it annoys the blog owner even in the most modest manner, it will do the same to the other visitors of the website.

Also, make sure that your advertisement does not cover any part of the blog, and be alarming enough not to use any flashy ads or pop-ups which cannot be closed quickly. We understand that you are writing web content just to make an income. Still, you also need to understand that if your pop-ups or advertisements are annoying the website visitors, you will soon have zero visitors. That’s why only put pop-ups that can be easily closed and are not full-screen pop-ups.

7- Poor use of images

It is a proven fact that photos and media impart way more ideas than reading a text or paragraph with no literal meaning. Photos and media also seem alluring simultaneously, but a section of the blog that is written with no specific idea can just muck up the website and its traffic. When web developers are using pictures, they should always make sure that they are not posting any irrelevant images on the blog. Also, the pictures which they are posting should be of high quality and not some low-quality artwork. Images should be captioned adequately with an idea of what this picture is.


Web development is not easy, especially when you have to depend upon your content to bring in organic traffic. When you are designing a website, you should always keep your target audience and your brand image in mind at every step of the designing and writing process. It can be an incredible journey from planning your blog ideas to post analysis about your blog and how it’s performing. If you develop friendly relations between the two, then for sure you have an excellent website kept in front of you. You just have to strive hard and give in best for your website.

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