Case Study

Website Design: Shedding light on a new thermophysical property for measuring textiles

A technical resource that highlights everyday applications

Thermtest was looking for a way to showcase a unique application on everyday items, demonstrating the importance of the characterization of thermal effusivity is to consumers.

They wanted to collaborate on creating a web project separate from their main website that would be used solely for discussion and education on the property of thermal effusivity.

Our Role

The Problem

The relatively new expression of Thermal Effusivity was lacking resources on theory and applications. Thermtest decided to create an educational website around this property that would allow researchers and other technical teams to explore the multitude of everyday examples.

The Solution

We opted for a sleek web design site that would highlight the industries and applications who measure thermal effusivity when developing new products.

We also wanted to highlight Thermtest’s product (TPS-EFF) to assist with lead generation of that particular product.

The Final Result

The website has acted as a great tool for Thermtest’s sales team when discussing thermal effusivity. Since October 2019, Thermtest has experienced a 17% increase in sales inquiries for the TPS-EFF.

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