Case Study

Banner Designs – Standing out from the crowd: Bringing simplicity to a niche market

Showcasing highly technical instruments at a nation-wide trade show in Poland

MSA Systems was designed to collaborate with laboratories and research centers in the field of high-end solutions and research equipment.

The company wanted to spice up their designs to increase booth traffic for an upcoming trade show. MSA was looking for a clean and modern design to reflect their new branding while also appealing to their highly technical audience.

Our Role

The Problem

MSA wanted to stand out from their competitors at a trade show which featured other high tech instruments. they wanted a custom pull up marketing banners design to reflect their modern rebranding and also simply demonstrate their device can test within their desired 2 roll-up format.

The Solution

Our team chose a simplistic yet bold approach to showcase the instruments and their capabilities.

Each banner was designed to be a stand alone or work side by side. The end result was an effective, functional, and innovative display.

The Final Result

MSA captured the attention of many at the tradeshow. Compared to previous years, their booth experienced a 40% increase in traffic and 8% increase in conversion.