Thermtest Asia – Chinese Website Design Case Study

Thermtest has been advancing the measurement services of thermal conductivity and other testing methods in North America, Latin America, and Europe. In 2021, Thermtest expanded its business to Asia, hence called Thermtest Asia, showcasing its products and services to the Asian market, especially in China.

The Brief

Thermtest approached us during their plan to launch their new hub in Asia and needed an all-new Chinese website. They need a professional website that is mobile responsive, lightweight, and compatible with most browsers and applications in China.

Their primary goal was to support the company’s expansion in Asia. This website design focused on increasing its brand presence, showcasing its product catalogues and services in the China market, and searchable on Baidu.


  • Create a lightweight and user-friendly micro-website design in Chinese.
  • Improve overall design user experience to make the site more engaging.
  • Translate website contents, products, and services to Simplified Mandarin.
  • Establish SEO footings for strong website performance and boost organic traffic.
  • Implement a mobile responsive solution with WordPress CMS.

Our Role:

  • Planning and Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframe and Prototype
  • Language Translation
  • User Experience
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Search Engine Optimization foundation
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Technical SEO

The Process

thermtest asia website wireframe

Phase 1

Planning, Wireframe & Prototyping

Before any design or development could be done, it was essential to outline the ideal user experience of the website that appeals to the Chinese audience. We gather all information needed, including the hosting in China, ICP licensing, website architecture that works with Chinese users, blocked applications, content copy, Chinese laws and regulations, and best practices for the website to be indexed in the Baidu search engine. Next, we Localized the website content by translating them to Simplified Mandarin and organized them to adapt to the target audience in China. Finally, we created a sitemap and wireframes to make sure the functionality of the website achieved the goals of the project.

We focused more on the homepage, testing services, product list, and detailed product pages during the wireframe phase. Next, we planned the website structure to make it easy for visitors to find the product information and submit inquiries or pricing requests.

Phase 2

Design & Development

Pulling the primary colors from Thermtest Asia’s logo, we began designing the Thermtest Asia – China website. To give the site a clean, minimal, and modern look, we utilized the balance of whitespace to allow the visitor’s eye to breathe and focus on the most important elements on the page.

We created a custom site built on the WordPress content management system (CMS) and Elementor website builder with a responsive design optimized for all screen sizes. WordPress gave us the ability to customize the website structure to accommodate the exact needs of the website while keeping it simple for admins of all skill levels to manage, add, and edit content. We build the website from a mobile-first point of view to ensure the website aesthetic and performance on even the smallest mobile screen. We also set up a blog section on the website for them to easily publish Chinese articles. During the development phase, we build the website with SEO best practices to get easily indexed on Baidu and organically improve online presence and ranking.

website design prototype
website typography

The Results

The new Thermtest Asia website was a success! The website is fully responsive and mobile-friendly for easy access, while faster page loading makes finding the information a seamless, efficient process. As a result, they received a great response in the Chinese market for their products and services. The optimization drives the increase of online presence on Baidu and other search engines in China. It also increased the user’s engagement and conversation rate.

SEO Optimized
Mobile Responsive
New Visitors
Baidu Organic Traffic
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