B2B Marketing for Technology Companies

B2B Marketing for Technlogy

These days, almost every business that exists has some method of marketing used to promote its presence and expand its growth. B2B tech industries are no strangers to this. Since they cater primarily to other businesses, it is especially important that they have unique B2B marketing solutions to be recognized in the scene.

What is a B2B Tech Company?

Business-to-business (B2B) technology companies are fast growing industries that offer software solutions to other businesses. Companies such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and SurveyMonkey are great examples of this. All three operate as B2B SaaS (Sales as a Service) companies. They offer popular services that are used globally by small and large businesses. Typically, these services offered are in customer relationship management (CRM) as well as various inbound marketing services and research tools. This gives businesses the opportunity to market to the audiences of their choice while learning and tracking important factors to establish the needs of their consumer base.

Why is B2B Marketing Important?

Like any other business, B2B companies need to get their name out there and can require a more niche target audience to make that discovery. Aside from increasing brand awareness, B2B marketing for technology companies serves as a connection for other companies or businesses to become interested in the services that B2B organizations might offer. Not only does a relationship between businesses create value and opportunity, but it also converts them into becoming essential customers. Developing a strong rapport with businesses is crucial because it can ensure long-term client retention.

Why do Technology Companies need B2B Marketing Agencies?

B2B Marketing for Technology Companies

Since B2B tech companies specialize in more specific areas, they require a marketing agency that is well acquainted with similar industries. Marketing agencies that cater to technology companies are familiarized with how to promote B2B technology services and have an idea of what decision buyers are looking for in their search. Marketing agencies can provide solutions and are continuously looking for improvements as each campaign comes and goes. Having someone from the outside taking the perspective of buyers into consideration provides insight and creates a network from business to business.

How to Market Tech Companies

How to Market Tech Companies

There are many forms of marketing available when it comes to B2B technology companies. While different options exist to market a business or brand, it is important to ensure that the methods chosen are relevant to the company in question. This will ensure that there are not any unnecessary costs being spent on marketing that is not gaining much traffic. Many of the options discussed below can work effortlessly together.

1. Email Campaigns

Popular choices can be email marketing, where businesses and their decision makers can sign up for newsletters or inquire for additional information. Email marketing is a great option to create opportunities or nurture prospects. This is also a good chance to add a landing page within the email. Having landing pages from targeted emails can lead to direct website traffic and gives the reader a chance to discover more information discussed in the email.

2. Blogs

Companies that have blogs as an extension of their website are an excellent form of showing businesses what a company is interested in and knowledgeable in. While blog posts are mainly bodies of text, they offer the opportunity to add eye-catching infographics or design. Blog posts offer a call-to-action opportunity for clients to sign up for newsletters for new articles or topics related to the subject discussed in the post.

3. Social Networks

Organic and paid social media are two different approaches that can work hand in hand or separately. Organic posts are free to use and many platforms offer free tools to help businesses measure how well the content is doing. Paid social media, on the other hand, is a good technique to boost reach or customize which target audience is seeing select posts. Paid content can also provide a more advanced selection of tools to track or filter campaigns to meet the desired goals. Another platform that may be relevant to a company’s presence is LinkedIn. It offers both personal and corporate account options. Many B2B clients use LinkedIn to view companies and see what feedback others have said in the past. The benefit of LinkedIn is the abundance of tech professionals that use the platform. These make for great potential clients that may already be searching exclusively for B2B tech companies.

4. Webinars

Running webinars for companies is useful to increasing audience engagement. Webinars are personable and create a more human connection that can build trust between businesses. They can put a friendly face to be recognized behind a company. Webinars also allow for more elaboration and deep dives into the products and services that companies offer. They are great opportunities to show prospective clients the services in action. Taking it back to email marketing invites to scheduled webinars can be sent out well in advance to ensure that clients who may be interested in a specific topic are aware that it will be covered in better details.

5. Podcasts

Podcasts offer audiences the option to subscribe and tune into different topics of discussion. Similar to blogging, having a podcast showcases the subjects that a B2B company is interested in and can expand on how their products and services can be integrated with the conversation. Podcasts are fantastic to keep an audience listening on-demand and coming back to check in for more content.

The main idea of marketing across each of these different methods is that the content and ideas stay consistent, relevant, and are reviewed often to see what can be improved. They also offer the chance to stay engaged with an audience and build a relationship with them. Having strong marketing for B2B companies can build their clientele and create loyal customer relationships. While B2B tech companies require a slightly different marketing approach, the rewards are worthwhile. The right marketing helps gain trust and show the type of quality that a company is willing to provide.

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