How AI is Transforming the Future of Digital Marketing

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How AI is Transforming the Future of Digital Marketing

AI or Artificial Intelligence, is becoming essential to our digital world. It is completely transforming digital strategies by automatically collecting valuable data from various vital sources. AI will learn from, apply and analyze the data to provide meaningful insights on customer behavior and needs to companies.

Using artificial intelligence in the everyday business allows digital companies to keep up with consumers’ demands and high standards. For businesses to stay relevant in their customer’s lives, customers need to feel like the information they see is relevant and personalized to their wants and needs. In other words, using A.I. in a company’s digital marketing strategies, companies can ensure they reach and profitably engage their customers.

What is AI?

A.I. otherwise known as Artificial intelligence, is a term used to describe computers and machines that can mimic functions related to the human mind, such as problem-solving and learning. A machine learning that enables machines to intellectualize and self-improve to execute their assigned tasks better.

A.I. machines perform, respond and think to different tasks based on the constant stream of information that is being fed to them, such as problem-solving, language processing, image recognition, or speech recognition.

With complex algorithms becoming the norm, A.I. is becoming faster and more efficient for businesses and research organizations to use worldwide. Not only that, but A.I. is accessible for organizations to employ. When a business embraces the different uses of AI, it can become a tool for transformation, allowing companies to grow and prosper with the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Companies are so confident in AI technology growth, and they’re not the only ones to see the potential. In fact, the artificial intelligence market is expected to reach 267 billion by 2027, up from its current 27.23 billion valuations.

What is AI in Digital Marketing?

Marketing teams weren’t always on board to apply AI technology to their digital marketing. However, that has changed in recent years, with many successful companies now implementing AI to help their products and services reach buyers in a thoughtful, exciting way. AI allows businesses to remain competitive and stay on top of marketing trends in a calculated, research-driven way.

If you’re wondering how AI can help in a company’s digital strategy, a great example of AI implementation is to watch Amazon’s success. Amazon uses AI on their website to only show products to their customers that are relevant to the things that customers have already viewed, purchased, or searched for. By doing this, customers are likely to purchase from Amazon because the items they’re looking for are right in front of them.

How is AI transforming digital marketing?

By analyzing, collecting, applying, and reacting to data, AI is helping to completely revolutionize digital marketing. When the amount of information available about a customer grows, AI can deliver unique, personalized experiences that lead customers to the information they need to purchase or using a company’s services. So how will artificial intelligence change the future of marketing?

1. Better ROI


If a company is spending their marketing budget trying different things without intention or data to back it up, they’re not going to see any type of ROI. AI learns from data sources such as qualified leads, conversions, website information, or conversations.  Then is uses that information to deliver a high-quality experience to customers that convert to sales. Having AI on a company’s side will increase the ROI (return on investment) of their digital strategies, justifying the costs of their campaigns.

2. Content Generation and Creation

Most companies need to use some type of content marketing in their digital marketing strategies. AI systems can generate and create relevant content, pick the right platforms, and deliver it to the right customer base. The current capabilities of AI in terms of creating content creation is basic. However, with its ever-growing knowledge base, it could develop drafts for contents or topics relevant to a company based on its industry, products, and services.

3. Chatbot’s

Chatbots are already a popular feature on many webpages. Chatbots help answer customer questions quickly and efficiently to increase customer satisfaction and decrease actual human labor. Customers can help themselves through Chatbot systems or be connected to a live representative after filling out relevant information to their issue or problem. This process speeds up the average customer call and increases the resolution of an issue.

Chatbot AI may become even more helpful in the future, leading customers to buy products, generate leads, or solve more complex customer service issues.

4. AI Smart Advertising

Companies already use AI with their digital marketing campaigns to help place the right advertisements at the right time in front of the right people based on using big data and complex algorithms. Delivering the right message and targeting a company’s ideal customer is essential to stand out among competitors. Plus, these advertisements will only reach the people who need your business’s products or services. As AI increases in popularity, AI technology could eventually find creative and unique ways to captivate customers’ attention that is hyper-focused on the consumer’s struggles or pain points.

5. Email Marketing Automation

Marketing companies can use AI to influence their e-mail marketing campaigns. AI can create automation based on the different actions that customers take when receiving a company’s e-mails. This helps deliver the right e-mails to the right customers at the right time with product recommendations, subject lines, and overall messaging being influenced by a customer’s action or lack of action.

AI integration will help businesses analyze and optimize their e-mail campaigns to maximize their ROI by allowing digital marketing campaigns to convert customers by delivering engaging, relevant, and timely messages to customers.

Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Marketing

AI has already started to influence the Digital marketing world, with companies implementing it to hold power over their competitors and receive a significant ROI. Using Artificial Intelligence can help make a marketer’s job easier and provides opportunities to innovate or create better digital campaigns. By providing timely customer service and relevant recommendations, a company can connect to and become connected to their customer’s lives, increasing brand loyalty and creating lifelong customers.

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