6 Effective Marketing Strategy Tips for Technology Companies

Marketing Strategy Tips for Technology Companies

Marketing strategies for technology companies can seem like a difficult task. However, when approached, the methods are no different than that of conventional marketing techniques that are followed by most other businesses.


How do you market a tech company?

When people think about tech companies, they typically envision a forward-thinking, innovative industry. So, when it comes down to how these industries present themselves, the marketing that represents them must reflect those same forward-thinking, innovative concepts.


There are some key marketing strategies for businesses — specifically tech companies. The technology sector is a rapidly changing environment, whether it be devices or software and because of this, companies within the tech sector require engaging and innovative marketing techniques.


Why is technology marketing important?

Every business needs marketing. As obvious as that may sound, there is a distinct difference between a company that just goes through the motions in terms of marketing and that of good marketing. A business can have the hottest website around, but ultimately that does not guarantee traffic, lead, and ultimately sales. Having an effective way to attract customers to your products and services helps create long-term revenue and build customer loyalty. Businesses need to be seen online and to do that, they need digital marketing.


Effective Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

In a world where the majority of people spend a great deal of their time on the web and where millions of companies exist… is it still possible to stand out in such a crowded space? Of course, it is! You just need to find the best techniques that work best for your business and then run with it. Below are some of our favorite tech marketing strategies:


1. Content Marketing

Nowadays content is a must to attract any target audience. In a subject like technology, so much educational content is required, users need a reliable source of information. Customers need quality content that guides them to find solutions. So, a good way to differentiate yourself from your competition is to become an expert in your area of business. Through valuable content like blogs, webinars, podcasts, technical sheets, etc. you can share your wealth of knowledge with your users. It is essential to know what your potential clients are interested in, knowing your clients’ interests can help you develop and plan new content for your website. Since each type of user has defining characteristics, it is important to establish a defined content strategy for each client group.


2. Video

If you want to advertise your product or service using video, make it original. It’s your business after all. Video content can be done in a lot of different ways, depending on the type of services you offer. Below are some different ways you can form a video:


Tell a Story.

Telling a story is a nice and effective way of connecting with your customers. How did your business start? How have people benefited from your business? Research has shown that people often feel more connected and interested when someone is telling them a story. When telling a story your goal should be to show others that the product or services you offer have a connection to them one way or another.


Use Humour

Humor can be used to fast track the process from turning a lead into a customer. Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy a little humor in their life? Humor helps break the ice and make a customer feel more connected with your business. It knocks down the wall of a boring tech company and shows off the true fun side. Humour, when done correctly can boost a company’s visibility and shareability.


Have helpful content.

Want to add more value to your product or service? Create some helpful videos that offer solutions to common problems your consumers might experience. Maybe even show them a real-life example of the product or service in use. Having useful information at arm’s length is appreciated.


Stay Informative

Creating brief, easy-to-understand, informative videos about a product or service is a good way of building trust with your customers and shows off your expertise in your field of business. Videos like these don’t necessarily need to be formal or monotone. In fact, your video can be quite casual and use plain language, as long your viewers are gaining relevant information, your video is doing its job.


3. Social Media

Picture by jmexclusives from Pixabay


Social media can be a powerhouse for getting your message out to as many consumers as possible while also being relatively cost-effective. Companies get the opportunity to step aside from direct selling or advertising and have a chance to show off their creative side. Technology companies can use social media as a means to connect to their audience in a more nonchalant setting. Social media can also provide easier customer service by being readily available to speak with clients who are looking for fast answers or general help.


4. Live Events

Live events like webinars, job fairs, and tradeshows are great ways to connect your company with consumers and other businesses. Live events give companies like yours the opportunity to present your products and services or even speak about a subject related to your industry.


This helps drown out market noise and get your message directly to consumers and businesses who are interested in your company’s line of work. These types of events give your company great exposure and give you the ability to show off your brand and what it has to offer.


5. Websites that Convert

A dynamic and intelligent website can be highly attractive to users, but in some cases, it can lead to the lost opportunities for conversions.


The reasoning behind this is because some websites prioritize visuals over utility. A website that has been designed primarily for aesthetic purposes will probably surprise a user on their first visit but if your website does not allow the user to easily find the information that they are looking for, then that user is likely going somewhere else.


If your most informational pages are too complex or too difficult to navigate/find, the conversion process between you and the user will also be more complex – users will become frustrated or confused and move. You want to design a website that flows when customers interact with it and should push them in the direction that you want the to go. Whether that be information content or product pages. These pages will generate conversation with users and ultimately create more sales.


When planning the design of your website it is vital to verify that the overall experience is convenient for the user. To make your website more convenient you should design your website to that helps converts anonymous visitors into leads and direct users to the pages of greatest interest – landing pages, pages with informational content, products or services pages, etc.


Even if the consumer does not go through the conversion process on their first visit, your website should be designed in a way that on future visits they will know exactly where to find the information that they are looking for. It is essential to understand the main conversion points related to your website. These conversation point will be your biggest ally in converting a lead into a sale.


6. Chatbots

Chatbot Marketing


When is comes to closing a sale, chatbots are a great way to cut through those initial questions that are relatively time consuming. Leads may take their time to make that first contact with your team. With chatbot marketing, AI is able to reach out to a user that are on your website and gain an understanding on what that user wants, from there your sales team can follow up on that lead and hopefully convert it into a sale. This whole process of gaining a lead, answering question, and generating a sale is shortened and more seamless with the help of a chatbot. The mixture of AI and the chatbot function benefits the overall user experience as well as the efficiency of your sales team. Additionally, chatbots are a very useful tool to capture more useful information about the user on your website.


Chatbots are able to solve questions that do not yet involve a high interest in purchasing a product or service, but it does help that potential customer in their progress of moving towards a purchase. The chatbots allow your team to make brief, instant conversations with users to respond to their questions that may not be resolved through the content on your website.


These chatbots make It so it is not necessary for your sales team to always be present to respond to messages. The automation of a chatbot allows your business to answer more than one consumer online at the same time. Depending on your answers, an automatic response can be established, so the most promising leads are the ones that gain the attention of your sales team.



For many technology companies, knowing where to start in terms of marketing can be a challenging task. But with the right use of the strategies outlined in this blog, you have a solid starting point that can help you lay the foundation for an excellent marketing plan. As your company grows so will your knowledge into marketing your company. Remember nothing is written in stone and you’ll learn along the way to what marketing strategies work best for your business.


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